Brain Distribution
Principles of Brain Tissue Distribution

The principles of brain tissue distribution, established by the PNUH Brain Bank, are as follows:

1. The purpose and character of brain collection shall be fully considered when using brain tissues.
2. Application for the distribution of brain tissues shall be filed by the principal investigator of the project.
3. The principal investigator, who directs the research project, is responsible for the use of the brain tissues that are distributed.
4. Only the minimum amount of brain tissues required for the research project shall be requested. The brain tissues distributed shall be used within a year after the distribution for the research period stated in the research protocol, which is the period permitted by the authorized IRB.
5. Researchers shall use the brain tissues only for the research purposes that are stated clearly in the application form for the brain distribution, research protocol, and such submitted. In the event of changes in the contents of such research documents, the changes shall be immediately reported to the PNUH Brain Bank, which distributed the brain tissues. An application should be filed for changing the plan for the use of brain tissues along with other documents required by the distribution committee, and the approval of such changes shall be obtained.
6. Researchers shall not transfer the brain tissues distributed to them to other organizations or researchers discretionarily. The remaining brain tissues after the use shall immediately be discarded as soon as the period for use expires.
7. Researchers shall do their utmost to protect the personal information of the donor, and shall not try to reach or contact the people related to them by using their personal information.