The Registration for Brain Donation
The Process of Brain Donation

For those who register as brain donors at the PNUH Brain Bank, clinical assessments of dementia or motor disorders will be provided with the financial support of the Korea Centers for Disease Control. Furthermore, for those who actually donate their brains, a grant to help with funeral costs will be provided at the time of the patient’s death as a way of showing our respect to the deceased for his/her noble intention.

1. At the time of death of the deceased registered as a brain donor, family members of the deceased should call +82-10-6687-7311.
2. During the funeral, the coordinator of the Brain Bank will explain the autopsy consent form to the family members of the deceased. If the family members consent to the autopsy, the body of the deceased should be brought to the autopsy room (located at the Pusan National University school of medicine) from the funeral home by the vehicle provided by the Brain Bank.
3. After the autopsy, the body of the deceased will be brought back to the funeral home. An autopsy normally takes 2-3 hours.