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About the Brain Bank

The Pusan National University Hospital Brain Bank

A research society for brains affected by degenerative brain diseases was established by the Pusan National University Hospital on December 2, 2009. The society performed its first autopsy on September 10, 2011. The society changed its name to the Pusan National University Hospital Brain Bank(PNUH Brain Bank) in January 2014 and has been operating under the new name since then.

The PNUH Brain Bank accurately diagnoses degenerative brain diseases based on the results of brain autopsies. We preserve donated brain tissues using standardized methods and provide it to researchers in need of brain tissues.

The governing body of the PNUH Brain Bank is composed of clinicians, pathologists, and neuroimaging specialists who belong to the department of pathology, forensic medicine, neurology, psychiatry, neurosurgery, rehabilitation medicine, and nuclear medicine.


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Address : 1st floor, Pusan National University Hospital Convergence Medicine Bldg.,
    187, Gudeok-ro, Seo-gu, Busan, Republic of Korea
Telephone: +82-51-240-7466
Transportation: Busan Subway Line 1, Toseong Station, Exit 2